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[DIR]TOOLS/ - Various conversion/migration tools
[DIR]TAPES/ - Casette tape images
[DIR]SEDORIC/ - The SEDOric operating system
[DIR]SCREENSHOTS/ - Screenshots from software
[DIR]ROMS/ - ROM images
[DIR]ORIC-C/ - Oric C files
[DIR]IMAGES/ - Support images for the defunct site
[DIR]F83/ - Forth 83
[DIR]EMULATORS/ - Emulators (probably obsolete)
[DIR]DOC/ - Documentation
[DIR]DISKS/ - Floppy disk images (same as DISCS)
[DIR]DISCS/ - Floppy disc images (same as DISKS)
[DIR]CARTS/ - Telestrat Cartridges
[   ]README-801.1KRead me first (on Oric computers)
[   ]README1.1KRead me first (on Oric computers)
[   ]00_INDEX1.1K 
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